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Nationally recognized for consultation to million dollar companies, Dr. Brill is a leader in the treatment of eating disorders and athletic identity development. Her work has been in such impressive settings as the renowned Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, Maryland, The University of California at San Diego, The University of San Diego, and Towson University. Her clients have included young adults struggling with a wide range of relationship and life transition issues, as well as elite athletes who have maintained peak performance as a result of overcoming their eating disorders. Dr. Brill’s research focuses on competitive athlete identity development, training, and success, which enables her to offer clients cutting edge solutions to combat performance anxiety and help athletes to achieve flow in their sport. Additionally, while acting as a consultant, Dr. Brill worked with some of the world’s most powerful leaders to address relationship and life challenges. She is a powerful thinker and a dynamic agent of change for her clients, and is known by them for her ability to work in the present, addressing current life issues efficiently.  Dr. Brill has freed many people from the overwhelming private burden of body image concerns, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and the painful insecurities that can drain even the most confident.  Along with personal growth in terms of self-image, she helps people better define personal and professional direction, and make key life transitions.